American Cities Rebuilding 2020

As we attempt to address the long term impacts of COVID-19 and the struggle for social justice across the
nation, now is the moment to foster meaningful discussions around reimagining and rebuilding our cities. New
circumstances are bringing new challenges, and convening nationally recognized voices and experts to share
ideas could not be more pressing. A combination of broadcast, digital and virtual tools will be used to connect
dynamic voices from around the country.

American Cities Rebuilding is the first of an ongoing series of convenings that will focus on cities both in
New Jersey and across America offering a hyper-focus on urban issues through the dual lenses of
COVID-19 and social justice. Conversations and remarks will examine those issues that may determine
how cities newly emerge as resilient and thriving ecosystems and also highlight persistent and new
problems facing urban communities. Join online to explore potential solutions and programs that can offer
paths forward.

Watch American Cities Rebuilding

See the one-hour broadcast American Cities Rebuilding on the NJ PBS Specials page.


WATCH: A welcome from Newark Mayor Ras Baraka


Urban economy

WATCH: Reimagining the urban economy

Reimagining the Urban Economy

WATCH: How to reverse the course on an economy in crisis

WATCH: A look inside Audible

WATCH: Five minutes with Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital


Criminal justice

WATCH: Criminal justice equity for American cities

WATCH: What Seattle learned from the summer of 2020


Health equity

WATCH: Flattening the curve and addressing health care disparities

WATCH: Close-up on University Hospital, Newark

WATCH: How data informs health outcomes

Leadership during crisis

WATCH: Mayors during a crisis

WATCH: The power of public-private partnerships

WATCH: Five minutes with Newark organizer Maria Lopez-Nuñez


Redevelopment and land use

WATCH: A walk through Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia

WATCH: Five minutes with Nnenna Lynch on redevelopment and community


The pandemic and the arts

WATCH: Spotlight on the arts



WATCH: The future of mass transit

WATCH: Filmmaker discussion on ‘The #1 Bus Chronicles’


Education and our cities

WATCH: One-on-one with Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway

WATCH: Closing the digital divide

WATCH: Zoom-bombing a 10th grade AP history class


WATCH: Young voices from Newark


• Aisha Glover, Vice President of Urban Innovation, Global Center for Urban Development, Audible
• Alfa Demmellash, CEO/Cofounder, Rising Tide Capital
• Arlan Hamilton, Founder + Managing Partner, Backstage Capital
• Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Anchor, CNN and Host, Amanpour & Company
• Cory Booker, US Senator, NJ
• Darnell Grisby, Director, Policy Development and Research, American Public Transportation Association
• Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation
• David Kroman, Staff Reporter, Crosscut
• Don Katz, Founder and Executive Chairman, Audible
• Ebony Thomas, SVP of ESG; Racial Equality and Economic Opportunity Executive, Bank of America
• Erika Anthony, Executive Director, Ohio Transformation Fund
• Evan Marwell, Founder and CEO, EducationSuperHighway
• Hari Sreenivasan, PBS NewsHour Weekend Anchor
• Jack Ford, Host, MetroFocus & Correspondent 60 Minutes Sports
• James King, Managing Director, Harlem Stage
• Jeffrey Brenner, MD, Founder, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
• Joanna Belcher, Executive Director, KIPP Newark
• Joel Katz, Documentary Filmmaker; and, Media Arts Professor, NJ City University
• John Mooney, Founder, NJ Spotlight
• Jonathan Holloway, President, Rutgers University
• Kemi Alli, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Henry J. Austin Health Center
• Lata N. Reddy, Senior Vice President, Inclusive Solutions, Prudential Financial; and, Chair, The Prudential Foundation
• Laura Fox, General Manager, Citi Bike, at Lyft Bikes and Scooters
• Mayor Jorge O. Elorza (Providence, RI)
• Mayor Ras Baraka (Newark)
• Michael Hill, Correspondent, NJTV News
• Neal Shapiro, President & CEO, WNET
• Nnenna Lynch, Founder & CEO, Xylem Projects
• Norm Stamper, former Chief of Police, Seattle, and Author, How to Fix America’s Police
• Patrick J. Foye, Chairman and CEO, Metropolitan Transportation Authority
• Richard E. Besser, MD, President & CEO, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
• Roy Weathers, PwC Vice Chair & Societal Engagement and Solutions Leader
• Shereef Elnahal, MD, President & CEO, University Hospital
• Tara Moss, Seattle-King County LEAD Project Director, Public Defender Association
• Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO, Chase Consumer Banking


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American Cities Rebuilding is a collaboration between NJTV News, New Jersey’s statewide public
media newsroom; partner newsroom, NJ Spotlight, a leading source of digital public policy,
environmental and education news in New Jersey; and, WNET, the nation’s flagship public media