November 16-21, 2019

MacArthur Winner John Keene, Artist Wendy Red Star at the Newark Museum, Fiber Artist Robert Forman, and a 16-year-old virtuoso of silent film music

2018 MacArthur “Genius” winner and a professor at Rutgers-Newark, John Keene is the author of Counternarratives,short stories based in the African diaspora following the introduction of the slave trade to the Americas. Artist Wendy Red Star comes to the Newark Museum for a mid-career survey of her work drawing on pop culture, conceptual art, and her native Crow traditions. Artist Robert Forman uses colorful yarns and Elmer's glue to create striking compositions. And, 16-year-old Brett Miller plays the pipe organ and is an expert at accompanying classic silent movies. State of the Arts meets the young virtuoso at the Trenton War Memorial as he plays the original score to the 1927 silent film, sci-fi classic Metropolis.
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