Overcoming Childhood Trauma: Participating Organizations

THE STATE OF NJ’S HEALTH: Overcoming Childhood Trauma looks at the little-discussed problems of the state’s at-risk children in coping with the long-term impact of “Adverse Childhood Experiences.” Inner-city children are often exposed to violence that is seen, heard and felt; they may lack proper support from adults, be neglected, hungry, abused and subjected to various kinds of dysfunction. This ongoing stress can affect their ability to learn and lead to lifelong emotional and health problems. We will explore the science of how traumatic stress affects brain development, and see what schools, communities and mental health professionals can do to prevent and mitigate its effects.

Hosted by NJTV’s senior correspondent Mike Schneider, expert panelists will field questions before an audience of key stakeholders, health and healthcare practitioners and community members at Walter K. Gordon Theater at Rutgers-Camden.

Airs September 17, 2014 on NJTV.


JJ Cutuli, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University — Camden
Dr. Martin Finkel | Professor of Pediatrics, CARE Institute
Robert Atkins, Ph.D., RN | Assistant Prof. of Nursing and Childhood Studies, Rutgers University / NJHI
Kristin Schubert | Director, RWJF
Dr. Roy Wade M.D., Ph.D. MPH | Pediatrician / Urban ACE Task Force, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Shavar D. Jeffries, JD BA | Partner, Lowenstein Sandler
Dr. Ruth Perry | Executive Director, Trenton Healthcare Team
Elizabeth Manley | Director, DCF
Mary Harkins-Schwartz MPH | Sr. Research Associate, Public Health Management Corp
Tim Gallagher | Community Outreach Worker, Guadalupe Family Services

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