Hiking the Palisades, Tracking Trenton, Bounding the Boardwalk…NJTV covers NJ top to bottom

Posted 6/23/16


NJTV News anchor Mary Alice Williams. Photo by Joseph Sinnott/NJTV

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Boardwalk-Empire-2-620x360STATE OF THE ARTS

Tonight, 6/23 at 11:30pm

Boardwalk Empire, Joseph Arthur, & Teen Theater in Trenton

The HBO hit series “Boardwalk Empire” tells the story of Atlantic City gangster boss “Nucky” Johnson. Get the real story as State of the Arts meets author and historian Nelson Johnson, writer of the best-selling book on which the TV series is based.  Teens from Trenton ask whether the troubled city holds any promise for their future in a play created with Passage Theatre. And, State of the Arts visits an under-the-radar house concert series in Ringwood, NJ where critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur played material from his new album The Ballad of Boogie Christ. Watch previous episodes here



Saturday, 6/25 at 6pm and Sunday, 6/26 at 10am

Veteran journalist and NJTV’s Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron heads up discussion about the week’s headlines with news breakers from across the state.

Watch previous episodes here



Saturday, 6/25 at 6:30pm and Sunday, 6/26 at 10:30am

This week, Aron continues discussion about the transportation trust fund and gas tax.

Also, a segment of Governors’ Perspectives with Kent Manahan. This week, Kent explores how it might play out for the GOP in Cleveland, with former Governors Tom Kean and Christie Whitman offering their assessments on the nominee, the party and the platform.

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Suzanne Ianni 1920x1080NEW JERSEY CAPITOL REPORT

Saturday, 6/25 at 5:30pm & Sunday, 6/26 at 8am

A Caucus Educational Corporation program

Suzanne Ianni,President & CEO of the Hospital Alliance of New Jersey, explains how New Jersey Medicaid and Charity Care programs are impacting hospitals’ fiscal health because many hospitals do not getting properly reimbursed, leading to bad debt.


Jeanette_Bentancourt-1920x1080CAUCUS: NEW JERSEY

Sunday, 6/26 at 8:30am

A Caucus Educational Corporation program

Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, Senior Vice President of U.S. Social Impact at Sesame Workshop, shares the importance of media and how it helps children access the world around them.



For more information about Caucus Educational Corporation programming, visit SteveAdubato.org 



Sunday, 6/26 at 7:30am

This week, Classroom Close-up highlights the importance of character education with a very uplifting episode! Travel to Oxford Central School to see some superhero students teaching their school community the power of strong character values. Next, a trip to Macopin Middle School where their motto is “Be Here, Be Safe, Let Go and Move On, Be Respectful, Set Goals and Be Honest!” Then head to New Brunswick Middle School to showcase their innovative character development curriculum. Finally, students, educators and local law enforcement are working together at Camden County Technical School to share ideas on what exactly is a positive character trait. Learn more about Classroom Close-Up, NJ here


Due Process - SolitaryDUE PROCESS

Sunday, 6/26 at 9:30am and Tuesday, 6/28 at 11:30pm

Solitary: Cruel and Unusual? Imagine you’re in lock down, not just imprisoned, but confined to a space not much bigger than your bathroom for 23 hours a day. Is it cruel and unusual?  Is it torture?  Who ends up in isolation and why?  And what is the mental and emotional impact?  With legislation to reform solitary confinement now pending in New Jersey, those are just some of the questions examined.   In the opening mini-doc, Sandy and Producer Tania Bentley bring us face to face with men who’ve been held in New Jersey’s solitary units – from months to decades – and with corrections officials who insist that solitary in New Jersey no longer exists.

In-studio: Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture; former New York City Corrections Commissioner Martin Horn, and Senior Officer Lance Lopez, president of the state corrections union. Watch previous episodes here




Premieres 7/13 at 8pm

 Just as the Appalachian Trail reaches its 95th Anniversary, NJTV, New Jersey’s public television network, announces a new series that celebrates the great outdoors, On the Trail with Mike Schneider.  Hosted by Emmy award-winning journalist Mike Schneider, the series will guide viewers through the flora, wildlife, and intense environmental battles to save some of America’s most iconic vistas, beginning with New Jersey. Learn more about On the Trail with Mike Schneider here


NJDrugAddiction3ICYMI…NJTV’s Addiction Community Forum in Piscataway

If you missed NJTV’s HEALTHY NJ: New Jersey’s Drug Crisis Community Forum discussing prevention and education efforts to combat NJ’s drug crisis – held at Rutgers-Busch Student Center in Piscataway on 6/15, watch the livestream here:.njdrugcrisis.org 

The panel discussion, moderated by NJTV News correspondent Briana Vannozzi, included health professionals and experts who discussed prevention tactics and education efforts to combat the state’s heroin, opioid and prescription drug abuse epidemic.

Read more about the project here



Former Governors Tom Kean and Christie Whitman with Kent Manahan. Photo by: Frank Foley

Journalist Mike Schneider hikes across NJ in the pilot episode of ON THE TRAIL WITH MIKE SCHNEIDER. Photo credit: NJTV/Mike Schneider, LLC.