NJTV News banner ad

January 6, 2016 – NEWARK, NJ– NJTV, New Jersey’s public television network, announced the kick-off of its first aggressive, multi-platform marketing campaign to promote its weeknight news program, NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams, aimed to attract viewers in New Jersey and strike a sentimental and nostalgic chord.

NJTV News mobile ad

NJTV News mobile ad

The 14-week campaign, which began mid-December and runs through the end of March, is themed “The People in your Neighborhood” and borrows from a popular public television song from Sesame Street by the same name, originally composed by Jeff Moss in 1969. The campaign combines advertisements on cable television, in fitness centers and cinema, mobile, tablet and social media along with print placements.

NJTV News is the jewel in NJTV’s programming crown,” said NJTV’s General Manager John Servidio. “Our goals with this campaign are three-fold: promote our locally-based NJTV News team and its coverage of issues affecting all of our lives here in New Jersey; remind people we are public television; and ultimately attract new viewers to NJTV.”

In two different executions of “The People in Your Neighborhood” video ads, eight NJTV News correspondents sing a variation of the song as they ready for their news duties from various locations across New Jersey from Liberty State Park to the Trenton Statehouse. Each member of the news team is identified in the spots, culminating with anchor Mary Alice Williams at her news desk in the network’s Agnes Varis NJTV Studio in Newark.


NJTV News television ad

Check out the cable commercials here:

NJTV enlisted the services of Spitball Advertising in Red Bank to develop the creative concept and worked with ISH Productions in Manalapan for filming and the music arrangement, under the editorial direction and supervision of NJTV News Executive Producer Phil Alongi.

“We know the song has a feeling of nostalgia that will resonate with our target audience”, said Anthony Torre, Co-Founder and CMO of Spitball Advertising. “Once it gets in your head it absolutely sticks and we want people to start building a communal feel around NJTV. This broadcast is about issues that matter and covered by talent that is invested in the state, not just talking heads synonymous with network news.”

The NJTV News campaign will be concentrated in Morris and Bergen Counties on cable and out-of-home platforms, with magazines and social media reaching more widely across the state. If it proves successful, the network is hoping to expand its reach in the next fiscal year.

NJTV also plans a post-campaign “The People in your Neighborhood” promotion, which will take the news program on the road for special local segments across the state.