ICYMI: Forbes on NJTV News; Cami Anderson goes On the Record this weekend prior to series hiatus

December 19, 2014

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ICYMI: Last night, NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams included a one-on-one interview with Steve Forbes.  Forbes sat down with Senior Correspondent Mike Schneider at the new Forbes headquarters in Jersey City to discuss an array of topics, including misconceptions about New Jersey, the tax code, President Obama’s immigration executive order, Obamacare, the US and Chinese economies, the 2016 Presidential election and the importance of recognizing opportunity.
Quotes from the full interview, now online, include:
On New Jersey: “Having lived in New Jersey my entire life, I think its a state that as we all know gets no respect but if you visit the thing, people are always astonished, I didn’t know there was anything but concrete here, and, so if you stay away from the tv shows and come see, there’s a lot to see.”

On Handling Change: “Businesses should always remind themselves what is their purpose, what is their mission and if they do that they don’t get hung up as much as you may otherwise if the means to achieve that purpose change.”

On the Affordable Care Act: “Obamacare has been a disaster.  It was one thing to try to deal with people who were uninsured but that didn’t mean the government had to muck up and convolute and overturn the whole health care system.”

On the Cause of the Slow Economic Recovery: “…mucking around with the dollar. Whenever you do that you get less investing for the future.”

On the 2016 Presidential Election: “I think we are going to see something very exciting happen on 2016.” “I have seen no potential Democratic candidates who have this pro-growth program. They seem to have forgotten John F. Kennedy who ran on getting America moving again. Including major cuts in taxation.”

On Christie for President: “He has the makings, which is why he attracted attention and support to be a national leader, to be president.”

On the Tax Code: “Today among Democrats and Republicans there is a consensus that we have to reform our business tax code, which is now one of the worst in the world.”

On the Chinese vs. US Economy: “The US is still the number one economy.  It’s more open here to being able to practice entrepreneurship.”


This weekend on NJTV…don’t miss the last On the Record with Michael Aron’s before its winter hiatus.

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 This week, Michael Aron leads discussion with Newark Superintendent of Schools Cami Anderson.

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