NJ Gov. Chris Christie Goes On The Record with Michael Aron – Interview Online Now

Gov. Christie goes On The Record with Michael Aron for an interview airing Sat. June 29 at 2pm and Sun. June 30 at 10am on NJTV

Updated July 1, 2013– Trenton, NJ — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sat down with veteran journalist Michael Aron on Friday for a one-on-one interview for NJTV’s On The Record with Michael Aron public affairs series.

The interview, taped at NJTV’s Trenton Statehouse studio, aired Saturday, June 29th at 2pm and Sunday, June 30th at 10am on New Jersey’s public television network.

Topics of discussion included Christie’s recent blast at the New Jersey League of Municipalities, property-tax burden, the special election dates, issues surrounding women’s health care, gay marriage and the state Supreme Court, along with the Governor’s re-election campaign goals and presidential prospects.

Watch the interview on the NJTV website now.

For more information about the series, visit https://www.njtvonline.org/programs/on-the-record/


NJ Governor Chris Christie sat with NJTV's Michael Aron for an On The Record interview Friday, June 28, 2013. The show airs Saturday, 6/29 and Sunday, 6/30 on New Jersey's public television network.

Governor Christie and Michale Aron chat after their On The Record interview

Michael Aron, "Dean of the Statehouse Press Corps" and host of On the Record and Reporters Roundtable on NJTV

Michael Aron interviews Gov. Chris Christie at NJTV's Trenton Statehouse studio, located in the Statehouse's Welcome Center.