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April 23, 2013- Montclair, NJ- Tune in tonight for these newsmaker interviews with NJ Today’s Managing Editor Mike Schneider:JIM MCGREEVEY
Former Governor Jim McGreevey discusses his time in Trenton and his new life after politics.

Tonight, in the first of a three-part interview, McGreevey discusses his work with prisoners.

“There are human beings in those institutions,” he reflects. “There are mothers, there are daughters, there are sisters,” he says, hoping his work will help people “think differently in how we view prison, how we view imprisonment in this country.”

And as for being Governor, he found the experience “corrosive”, commenting, “You become more involved in the antics of politics than in the people which is the fabric of our civil society.”

Senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono talks about her platform and the run against Chris Christie.

In the interview, Buono takes to task Governor Christie’s stance on issues such as the environment and gun control while dismissing campaign finance disparities.

“This governor was outspent 3-to-1 by Gov. Corzine. So if it was strictly a function of how much money you had, he wouldnt be governor,” Buono comments. She also said she would definitely revisit the ARC Tunnel project if elected governor, commenting, “I still lose sleep over it. It took decades in the making. It was well planned out and it should’ve happened.”

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