Tonight on NJTV: Driving Jersey: After Sandy: Part 2 at 10PM


March 5, 2013 – Monmouth County, NJ – Many communities affected by Superstorm Sandy continue to rebuild and deal with ongoing weather issues, like the recent Snowstorm Nemo.

Tonight, Driving Jersey‘s Post-Sandy journey continues into some of the hardest hit areas in Monmouth County, including Union Beach, Belmar and Manasquan. The footage of these affected areas in the days just after the storm and the stories of those impacted are tragic, haunting and yet, ultimately inspiring.

“Shooting post-Sandy footage was probably the most emotionally charged work we’ve done,” said filmmaker Steve Rogers.  “We felt anxious and paralyzed before we could get into areas affected.  We felt despair once we were there, but ultimately we were inspired by how powerful the human spirit is over the devastation that nature can wrought.”

Reflecting on one stop during filming, Rogers shares, “Covering the story of how Union Beach, NJ was affected by Sandy, we were immediately struck that the true tale of this historic storm wasn’t any of the statistics on its power, but how people reacted to it, literally fought back, physically and emotionally.”

Watch Driving Jersey: Sandy Part 1 online now, when Rogers returned to the area he once called home to check in on old friends, neighbors and neighborhoods in Ocean County: