Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides grant for first phase of ongoing archive project to preserve valuable media assets for the state

November 27, 2012 – TRENTON, N.J. – WNET, its nonprofit affiliate Public Media NJ, Inc., operator of New Jersey’s public television network NJTV, and the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority (NJPBA), announced a recent grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that has launched the first phase of a massive archive project to organize decades of programming and other materials from the former New Jersey Network.

The grant for the NJN Archives Project, which amounts to just over $380,ooo, will  fund the creation of  an initial  inventory of all NJN’s media assets, most specifically broadcast programming created by the former public television network and its related paper records.  To that end, a team of archivists and consultants, led by WNET in consultation with NJPBA and former NJN staff, will sort through estimated 80,000-100,000 videos and other media items. The NJN library includes 40,000-50,000 hours of recorded material, from nightly news programs and coverage of government events, arts, culture, health and wellness issues to general interest programming and documentaries. The team will work to prioritize those segments with the highest historical and cultural value and identify items that are at greatest risk of being lost due to age and condition.

“The NJN video archive is a unique historic and cultural repository that chronicles more than 40 years of New Jersey history,” said State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff , who serves as chairman of the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority that manages the state’s television assets.

“The grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has given us critical support for preserving this legacy for future generations,” the Treasurer added.  “As this work goes forward, we will continue to seek support from outside funders to complete this project by fully digitizing the archive and making its contents accessible to the public in the years to come.”

“As we move New Jersey public television into the future, having access to past footage will be invaluable,” said NJTV General Manager John Servidio.  “We are very grateful for the generosity of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for jumpstarting this archive project.”

The research and organizational work made possible by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant will provide a vital inventory of NJN’s media assets with which future project managers can plan, budget and carry out the preservation and digitization of the NJN materials. The complete digitization of the NJN media library is anticipated to be a long-term project that will require additional financial support as it proceeds.


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New Jersey Treasury Department
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The New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority (NJPBA) manages New Jersey’s television broadcasting assets. It operates as part of the New Jersey Department of the Treasury and holds the Federal Communications Commission licenses for WNJT-TV in Trenton, WNJB-TV in New Brunswick, WNJN-TV in Montclair and WNJS-TV in Camden, the four stations that make up New Jersey’s statewide television network. In July 2011, NJPBA entered into a Programming and Services Agreement with Public Media NJ, Inc. to provide public television programming and services on these stations under the name of NJTV and online at NJPBA works to ensure that PMNJ provides high-quality, non-commercial programming that serves the needs and interests of the citizens of New Jersey and furthers NJPBA’s educational objectives. Such programming includes a weekday nightly news and public affairs program, live broadcast of the New Jersey State of the State and annual Budget Message, and lives coverage of New Jersey elections, as well as other cultural, educational, and inspirational programming.

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