Premieres Monday, May 7th 10pm

Series info:

NJTV’s monthly student film series debuts a documentary by a junior at Richard Stockton College who’s had an unusual journey for a college student. Frank Weiss, a filmmaker who is largely self-taught, began his college career after serving with the U.S. Air Force in Afghanistan. 

In his film, The Road Is Coming, Weiss documents how the Kekchi Maya peoples in the southern region of the Central American nation of Belize struggle to preserve their heritage, their land, and their resources as development and urbanization spread. From footage shot over only five days, the film offers a compelling view of how Luguna village (with a population of less than three hundred fifty) is affected by the modern world.

After the screening, Weiss joins us in our studio for a conversation about his journey as a filmmaker in Belize and beyond.

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