NJTV News and NJ Spotlight logos

NJTV News and NJ Spotlight join forces as WNET acquires NJ Spotlight from the Community Foundation of New Jersey to increase and amplify local journalism in the Garden State. NJ Spotlight will partner with NJTV News to create NJ-centric, multi-platform content and one of the largest and most comprehensive public affairs organizations in the state.


The acquisition and partnership creates a combined journalism force that reaches digital, broadcast, video and other platforms. NJ Spotlight’s reporters and work will appear on NJTV News’ Emmy-winning programming and social media, and reporting and video from NJTV News will supplement NJ Spotlight’s site and programs. On whatever platform you turn to for news, you’ll see collaborative work on issues like the state’s fiscal crisis and the challenges around education, healthcare, energy and the environment. The possibilities are endless, with innovation at the center of this new venture.

Overall, at a time when local news coverage across the country has been shrinking – and New Jersey has been especially hard-hit — this new partnership represents a new hope and opportunity for the growth and expansion of local news in the state and beyond.

NJTV’s news division, NJTV News, and NJ Spotlight are each trusted, member-supported, award-winning independent news sources in New Jersey. NJ Spotlight will retain its brand and its news site, and will operate in tandem with NJTV News both online and on-air. This new venture will keep New Jerseyans up to date on current news, public policy, politics, government and statewide issues. At a time of shrinking state and local news coverage nationwide, the combination will create one of the largest and most comprehensive news and public affairs organizations in the state.

NJTV’s Emmy-Award-winning weeknight newscast, NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams, one of only eight daily public TV newscasts in the nation, has already worked closely with NJ Spotlight on several projects, including the 2018 Congressional debates.


Who is the new owner of NJ Spotlight?

WNET Public Television announced on March 4th that it has acquired NJ Spotlight, the online news site, to be a partner with NJTV News, WNET’s public television affiliate based in Newark.

Why did WNET acquire NJ Spotlight?

As the operator of NJTV, New Jersey’s PBS station, WNET has acquired NJ Spotlight to bolster its investment in New Jersey public-affairs coverage. NJ Spotlight and NJTV News will work in tandem, expanding on the strengths each now has in covering New Jersey public affairs.

What are the benefits of the new partnership to NJTV News and NJ Spotlight fans?

The acquisition provides NJTV News an expanded digital platform and journalism team, while providing NJ Spotlight more stability and reporting resources as part of the WNET family.

What changes can you expect?

Let’s start with what won’t change. NJ Spotlight’s mission, brand, and newsletters, will be largely unchanged. NJTV News’ brand, nightly newscast and other programming will continue as well. Journalists from both entities will continue to cover the state.

But we expect each organization will only improve in their ability to serve audiences. NJ Spotlight’s online content will benefit from WNET’s and NJTV’s video, social media, newsgathering and other resources. And you’ll see more NJ Spotlight coverage and staff appear on NJTV’s nightly program. The two will also be doing in-depth collaborations on topics like the state budget, public education, and more.

By bringing together NJ Spotlight’s depth and NJTV’s breadth, the deal is creating a far greater whole—and the most robust public-affairs coverage in the state. While many media organizations are shrinking, we’re growing.

Will there be separate news sites and newsletters?

For the immediate future, yes, the two organizations will continue to run their own separate online platforms, although there will be considerable sharing and coordination across them. We’ll be exploring ways to merge our content down the line. Stay tuned!

Will there still be NJ Spotlight live roundtables?

Yes, the live-roundtable series will continue. NJ Spotlight is busy planning several spring events, so visit the site for more information on those. But the events will only improve, as the partnership will open the way for a video and livestreaming component to the gatherings as well. Also, NJTV will continue hosting its own community forums.

Will NJ Spotlight members and donors still be contributing to NJ Spotlight, and the same for NJTV?

Yes, the two organizations will continue to cultivate their own membership and donor programs. Your donations to both organizations will remain tax deductible.