Wi-Fi kiosks heading to Newark, furthering city’s tech rep

BY Leah Mishkin, Correspondent |

“Our folks, thank God we got the right people, won it over, and now it’s going to happen in the great city of Newark,” said Mayor Ras Baraka.

It’s a city that’s growing to be known as a technology hub. Companies like Audible paved the way. Now, more and more startups are choosing the city of Newark to grow their companies.

“That is why we are here. That is why we believe that bringing LinkNWK …” said Dan Doctoroff, chairman of Intersection.

Doctoroff announced at a news conference Wednesday the company would be placing its kiosks, which offer free charging stations and public Wi-Fi around the city, starting later this year.

“Within each kiosk, the range is 100 to 150 yards or so,” said Doctoroff.

Right now, they’re only in New York City, Philadelphia, and the United Kingdom.

“The fact that Newark fiber network actually exists, which we will piggyback off, is critical. The location next to New York is critical, because it makes it easier for us to service it, but again, the bigger factor for us is we believe in Newark,” continued Doctoroff.

It’ll be another piece in Newark’s smart city initiative. At the news conference, the founder of MoDev also announced the company chose Newark to be the location for its technology summit in July.

“The best brands in the world are going to be coming here talking about what they’re doing in this area of natural language. So, something for everybody, a voice.” said Pete Erickson, founder of MoDev.

The conference is sponsored by Amazon Alexa, which had many people in the room probably thinking the same thing. Would that help Newark’s bid to get Amazon’s HQ2 here?

“Definitely separate issues of the city of Newark being shortlisted as one of the top 20 cities for its HQ2 headquarters …” said Newark Community Economic Development Corporation president and CEO Aisha Glover. 

Still, the city said it would let the bid team know that it’s going to be hosting the summit.

“Certainly, as we’re talking to folks that are looking to host summits or move their headquarters, there is obviously a lot of synergy around what Newark’s assets are in terms of our talent, in terms of our location,” said Glover.

Amazon says its HQ2 will bring in up to 50,000 high-paying jobs to the city it selects.