WebiMax CEO: Camden Move Offers New Opportunity

The digital marketing company WebiMax is moving it’s company headquarters from Mount Holly to Camden and will be receiving a $12 million state tax credit. WebiMax founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that despite offers from other states such as Delaware, company officials wanted to stay and see if New Jersey had any interest in retaining them.

“We’ve never had any real luck in kind of acquiring any of the elusive incentives that seem to be out there for business,” said Wisnefski. “What really prompted this one was a call from the actual governor of Delaware, Jack Markell, inquiring WebiMax to move outside of the New Jersey boarders into Delaware and initially they were very interested, provided us with some very serious offers to consider.”

When WebiMax began to hear offers from Delaware, New Jersey state officials became interested in keeping the company in the state, according to Wisnefski. Over the three years the company has been in the state, Wisnefski says that the company has won awards related to being the fastest growing company in New Jersey. Wisnefski says that he thought that the state would reach out with an offer for the company to stay.

WebiMax has other office buildings within the U.S. as well as the UK and Australia, but according to Wisnefski the company decided to move the headquarters from Mount Holly to Camden because New Jersey has the interest of expanding and growing in Camden and is placing additional incentives there. According Wisnefski, WebiMax saw the move to Camden as an opportunity.

“We see it as an opportunity to be part of something that we hope is going to be very special and really to be part of, kind of a new culture and growth that’s really going to come to the Camden waterfront,” Wisnefski said.

Now with a move to Camden in place, WebiMax is set to receive a $12 million tax credit that is set to stretch out over 10 years.