Rep. Lance Discusses Existing Health Policies Vote

Following President Obama’s speech on the Affordable Care Act, Rep. Leonard Lance told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that a bill will be voted on tomorrow to allow those who like their current health care plans to keep them.

Lance said that the president announced a new rule that would allow insurance companies to renew plans that do not meet the higher standard of the Affordable Care Act for one year for existing policy holders. He thinks that there should be a permanent piece of legislation in regards to that and he question if the president has the authority to put that in place.

“We will be voting on a bill tomorrow to make sure that if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan,” Lance said.

Lance said that the vote tomorrow will be bipartisan in nature and it will be a uniform vote on the republican side and he thinks quite a few democrats will be voting with the republicans.

“I believe that the American people are entitled to have the trust of those of us that serve in government. The fact that the president’s statement was clearly inaccurate really goes to whether or not there can be trust in Washington and I think we have have to work together in a bipartisan to restore that trust,” Lance said.

Lance said that he does not believe that the Affordable Care Act is a strong policy and this is the first indication of that.