Verizon President on the State of Telecom in NJ

The telecommunications industry, once a leader in New Jersey, may be making a comeback. According to Dennis Bone, President of Verizon New Jersey, the industry’s resurgence is reflected in the presence of Verizon, LG and Samsung. But he says the state needs to do more to create a level playing field. He specifically points to the 1911 telecom regulations which he says needs to be loosened so that the industry is competitive.


New Jersey’s workforce has always been a key part of New Jersey’s great telecom heritage. The state has always had a great pool of talent to draw from in finding skilled workers, says Bone.

When it comes to innovation and research, Bone says there is a vital role for universities in creating what he describes as a seamless “research ecosystem” that allows for patents to be created, then commercialized and made shareable. In this regard, he says New Jersey can learn from “best models” like Silicon Valley, Boston’s Route 128 and ‘research triangle park’ in North Carolina.

Right now, Bone says the focus of the industry is on integrating smart phones, TVs, PCs, and tablets so that they are accessible from all platforms.