Unemployed workers in NJ are now eligible for extended benefits

BY Rhonda Schaffler, Correspondent |

Unemployed workers in New Jersey who have exhausted their benefits can now collect for another 20 weeks. That means they will be eligible to receive unemployment benefits for a total of 59 weeks. The New Jersey Department of Labor says workers will be automatically enrolled for extended benefits and do not need to re-apply.

A new law took effect in New Jersey Wednesday that helps anyone caring for a sick relative or a new baby. The paid family leave program has been expanded and workers are now eligible to receive 12 weeks of paid leave — double what had been allowed. They will also receive 85% of their pay.

The latest report on jobs offers some glimmers of hope. Roseland-based ADP says nearly 2.4 million new jobs were created across the United States in June. ADP also revised its May numbers, saying more than 3 million jobs were created. Previously it had reported job losses.

New Jersey’s housing market is recovering. Home prices are up more than 9% over last year, and more homes were listed and sold in May than in April. And the suburbs are hot! New Jersey Realtors President Angela Sicoli says New Yorkers are moving to the Garden State.