Ukrainian Congress Committee Member: U.S. Should Send Troops to Ukraine

Some of New Jersey’s Ukrainian population has marched on Washington with thousands of others demanding a stronger response to the Russian invasion. Ukrainian Congress Committee of America member John Leshchuk told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that it is imperative that the United States sends ground troops to Ukraine.

“One of the main issues that we are trying to get across is that back in 1994, Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal and the United States, England and Russia were all signatories to the Budapest Memorandum, where by because Ukraine gave up its weapons, those three countries guaranteed to provide security to Ukraine and to protect its territorial integrity,” said Leshchuk.

Leshchuk said that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling the West’s bluff and that the West has every right to send in their troops given the fact that Ukraine has asked for help from the United States. He said he would like the troops to at least go into the central portion of Ukraine.

The people that are in Ukraine now are not worried because a lot of the older people grew up during the Soviet regime, Leshchuk said.

He said Russia would benefit from occupying Ukraine.

“All of the Russian gas that makes its way to Western Europe goes through anywhere from five to 10 pipelines that traverse all of Ukraine. I believe it would be strategic interest for Russia to take over that,” Leshchuk said.