Booker, Menendez Want to Keep Trucking Regulations in Place

After three fatal trucking crashes, including the accident that hurt comedian Tracy Morgan, United States Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker want rules left in place to require truckers to get plenty of rest before driving on the highways. One Senate committee approved an amendment to relax the rules but Booker and Menendez plan to introduce an amendment to block that.

NJTV News Correspondent Christie Duffy was on a conference call with Booker and Menendez, where they discussed the issue. Duffy told NJTV News anchor Michael Hill that Booker and Menendez said that they want to keep the regulations in place because they believe that there is a current trend happening, in which fatalities caused by trucking accidents are on the rise, up 16 percent since 2009. The regulations were put in place last summer and Booker and Menendez want to keep them in place to see if they are helping at all, said Duffy.

Duffy said that the American Trucking Association is in support of rule changes and they say that only 10 percent of truck crashes are tied to driver fatigue and more attention should be paid to the other 90 percent of truck crashes.

The Teamsters Union, who represents many of the truck drivers, wants to see more enforcement from the Department of Transportation and a hotline set ups o drivers can report their employers if they are being pressured to break the Hours of Service regulations, said Duffy.