Campaign Communications Director Says Buono Confident Heading Into Election

With Election Day just hours away, Communications Director for Buono for Governor David Turner told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that his candidate, Barbara Buono, is feeling good.

“On the ground we’re seeing a lot of momentum, we’re seeing a lot of enthusiasm for Sen. Buono’s candidacy,” said Turner. “A lot of people are frankly frustrated with what the governor has done over the last four years. Four hundred thousand people are still unemployed and property taxes are obviously two main issues we continually hear about and she’s been out on the thrill, she’s seen some pretty large crowds.”

Turner said that the Buono campaign is looking forward to Tuesday and if turnout is high, they’ll be confident.

According to Turner, Buono began to campaign earlier than any other gubernatorial candidate in the state’s history. Since March, the campaign has been trying to reach out to voters through a grassroots field effort, through phone calls and knocking on doors.

On the campaign trail, Gov. Chris Christie and his campaign have characterized Buono as angry, to which Turner says that the governor needs to take a look in the mirror.

“I think a number of reporters obviously have felt the wrath of Gov. Christie and even this weekend he decided to berate a public school teacher down in Somers Point. I think the governor needs to really take a look at himself before he starts casting stones,” said Turner.

Heading into the gubernatorial election, Buono has been trailing Christie in the polls. Turner said that the reason many have not gotten behind Buono’s campaign has to do with the governor’s decision to hold the special Senate election on a Wednesday in October. The scheduling of the Senate election shortened time for campaigning and confused people about when to vote.

When it comes to the Democrats and and their support of Buono, Turner says he leaves it up to them. But he said he feels that Buono has a strong message that Democrats can get behind, which is evidenced by Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and a number of Democrats who have supported Buono.