Travel and Tourism Director: NJ Had Record Amount Of Visitors

Almost two years after Hurricane Sandy caused damage around the state, areas around the state prepare for the tourism in the summer season. New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism Executive Director Grace Hanlon told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that there was a substantial growth in tourism.

“We’re happy, we’re very pleased with our numbers last year in spite of Sandy and all that went wrong, we were able to hit a record amount of visitors to New Jersey,” said Hanlon.

Hanlon said that the Division of Travel and Tourism is aware that some areas had a rough time last year and that they are doing their best to promote the areas for this summer.

Hanlon said that she was impressed with how some of the towns looked last summer and that it was due to the hard work of the towns and volunteers.

Meanwhile the shore still recovers from Sandy, Hanlon said that many of the areas affected may not look the same but that they look better as they were able to renovate and upgrade.

“So many towns absolutely killed it Memorial Day weekend with record beach sales, so I was really please to hear that,” said Hanlon.

As the summer season in the Garden State continues, several events are set to happen statewide. The Special Olympics is set to be held in the state and about 70,000 spectators are expected to be in attendance according to Hanlon. Along with the Special Olympics, various festivals will be going on as well.

“So its a good weekend, good month coming in New Jersey,” Hanlon said.

Following up to last year’s theme, Stronger than the storm, Hanlon said that for this year’s tourism campaign is New Jersey going strong. Along with promoting the state with its new slogan, it also happens to be the 350th anniversary and plenty of historic sites will be among the promotion.