This Year’s Patriots’ Week Offers Look at Petty’s Run Archeological Dig

By Dari Kotzker
NJ Today

Patriots’ Week is in full swing in Trenton now through Monday. Trenton’s historical sites are participating in this annual cultural tourism tradition, attracting thousands to the state capital.


“Patriots’ Week is a celebration of the City of Trenton and its pivotal role in the American Revolution, and in shaping the early history of the United States. This is our flagship tourism event so we get tons of people from out of town and from the area to come and experience our programs. It’s definitely a boom to the local economy,” says Christian Martin, executive director of the Trenton Downtown Association.

Events include a walk where the two Battles of the Trenton raged, a look at Petty’s Run archeological site and tours of the Statehouse. Although more people come into the city for Patriots’ Week, there is a stigma of crime in Trenton that can still deter some tourists from coming to the city.

“It’s a challenge, but we just put on great events and try to remind people that this is the state capitol, it’s an important city, it played an important role in the American story and to come on out and have a great time and experience the best that Trenton has to offer,” says Martin.