Third Democratic Mayor Endorses Christie for Governor

By Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron
NJ Today

Michael Blunt is a lifelong Democrat. He was an Obama delegate last summer. He’s the mayor of Chesilhurst, a largely Democratic town in rural Camden County. But today he endorsed Chris Christie.

“I met him in Atlantic City. I said, ‘Gov. Christie, don’t forget Chesilhurst.’ He says, ‘Chesilhurst?’ I said why don’t you come do a town hall here. He said I’ll do it,” Blunt said.

“I came down here to Chesilhurst. We had a great town hall meeting here. But not only that, the mayor has traveled all across South Jersey to come to other town hall meetings that I’ve held in other parts of the state, to add his voice. And I think also to check me out and make sure I was saying the same things everywhere that I had said in Chesilhurst,” Christie said.


Republican registration is just 6.8 percent in the borough of 1,600. Obama got 82 percent of the vote here. Nevertheless, Blunt says Christie’s done a lot for the town. We didn’t vote for him last time, Blunt says, but he didn’t care.

“Gov. Christie has done so many things for the borough of Chesilhurst and his administration that I would be crazy not to support someone who put some food on the table of the borough of Chesilhurst,” Blunt said.

Christie noted that in the 1985 Republican landslide of Tom Kean, only three towns voted Democratic and one was this one.

“The fact that I might actually be able to win one of the towns where my great mentor fell just a bit short in 1985 would be a good and gratifying talking point,” Christie said.

Earlier this year Christie was endorsed by the Democratic mayor of Harrison and the Democratic mayor of Sea Bright.

Blunt becomes the third Democratic mayor to endorse the Republican incumbent for reelection. With seven and a half months until election day, he’s probably not the last.