Teaneck Mayor Weighs in on Sick Time Payouts

Some in the state believe public employees should not be paid for their unused sick time upon retirement. Governor Christie took up the issue at a town hall meeting last week and 234 mayors of both parties have come out in support of his assertion that the practice should cease. Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin, a Democrat who supports Christie’s initiative, sat down with NJToday’s Mike Schneider to discuss the idea of accrued sick time, which he said is expected to cost his municipality $4 million.


Hameeduddin said payout for accrued sick time was an issue for Teaneck in 2008 when five deputy fire chiefs retired, each with more than $100,000 in sick time payout owed to them. Officials had to approve an emergency appropriation of a half million dollars for the payouts. Hameeduddin said the current practice is not sustainable, though he said the issue hasn’t been brought up in negotiations with the unions. He said civil service reform is necessary to address the issue.