Snowstorm Makes for Dangerous Road Conditions

By Lauren Wanko

It’s become a familiar scene along the Jersey Shore this winter — snow and sand combine on the beach.

“We’ve been through this before, it’s not the first time,” said Barbara Seaman.

Roads this afternoon became increasingly dangerous as snow piled on the pavement.

“Cars are going too fast and when they’re making a turn, they’re skidding,” said crossing guard Nancy Lovarco.

Lovarco says motorists should be worried about the snowy and icy road conditions. She’s watched multiple drivers lose control of their cars.

“I don’t understand what so many cars are doing out right now especially those that have SUVs. They think they can do almost anything,” Lovarco said.

“Well the conditions at this point are rather slippery. You have to watch. There’s always someone who is speeding. You have to watch it,” said Charles Lochner of Spring Lake.

Early this morning, the Manasquan Public Works crew connected plows to the borough’s trucks. Salt truck drivers pre-treated the roads. The team expects to work through the night.

“The men know they’re coming in at 7 a.m. this morning, odds are, they’re probably not gonna go home until tomorrow afternoon at 3,” said Manasquan DPW Superintendent Tom Nicastro.

Manasquan Mayor George Dempsey this morning was grateful. He didn’t have to worry about coastal flooding.

“The storm coming now is between a new moon and a full moon tide so we don’t have to worry too much about flooding, but there are storms we have to worry about flooding and the beach area,” Dempsey said.

Although the bone-chilling temperatures and high wind gusts keep most residents off the beach, the winter weather attracts new customers to Sweet Tease Café & Bakery.

“We’re one of the few places open no matter what and they come in and have a hot chocolate or a tea or a coffee and they found a new place,” said owner Kate Walters.

The blanket of snow is especially good news to fifth-grader Stephanie Perrault. Her school district had an early dismissal.

“I love it. I love getting off school and it doesn’t count as a snow day. It doesn’t count as a whole day so we don’t have to make it up in the summer time when we want to have fun,” Perrault said.

Still if the Garden State keeps getting hit with these storms, this school year may be a whole lot longer.