Snowstorm Was Intense, But Passed Quickly

BY David Cruz, Senior Correspondent |

It was intense but, thankfully, short. A storm that, at its height was dropping up to two inches of snow an hour. Getting to work? Well, a lot of people took the day off, actually. Most schools, municipal, county and state offices were closed and that kept traffic on the roads mostly light. But, for those of us who had to go to work, let’s just say it wasn’t a good day to get a flat, as our camera operator Matt Rosen found out this morning. Pete Ortiz, from Moran Towing, of Kearny, came to the rescue. For Pete, it had already been a busy day.

“I started working 7 o’clock [this morning] and I have gotten 10 calls already for disabled cars,” he reported.

In Jersey City, the mayor was making the rounds, doing his best to inspire the troops. Mayors who are up for re-election can live and die, politically, on their snow removal efforts. Steve Fulop says he doesn’t buy that entirely.

“That could be overstated, but we take it seriously and I think the guys are doing a good job,” he said. “We’ve got about 200 miles of road to cover, city-wide; we got about 70 pieces of equipment out there in different sectors. It’s about 30 minutes to run through a sector. And then they come back to one of the salt depots; we have two of them in the city and we’ll go through about 800 tons of salt through the storm.”

By midday, most of the snow had stopped and in a lot of big cities, like Jersey City, you could see blacktop on the main roads.

But what good is a snow day if you’re not going to take full advantage? Sledders have been taking a hill at Leonard Gordon Park for generations. Caesar Dominguez and daughter Genesis are old pros. They were taking multiple trips up and down the hill to Genesis’ glee.

The best thing about a snow day is getting outside and simply, playing. For an hour or two, no politics, no confirmation hearings and no tweeting.

“Absolutely,” said Hugo Sanai. “We enjoy the day. We’ve been waiting for this snow. You see the kids enjoying it. Hopefully more kids come later. A little tired but we still enjoy it.”

Do that while you can because the forecast calls for rain over the weekend and this little piece of winter wonderland will be mostly gone.