Snow Totals Lowered for Central Jersey, But North Still on Track for High Amounts

Yesterday, Gary Szatkowski, Meteorologist-in-Charge at the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, had discussed potential snow totals around the state and possible coastal flooding from Nemo. Today, he tells NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider that aside from a minor adjustment of snow totals, the storm is happening as forecasted.

Snow totals have been lowered for some areas in New Jersey. “We’ve dropped them by one to three inches in a lot of the central part of the state,” said Szatkowski. But northern New Jersey is still going to bear the brunt of this storm, he says. “There are parts up in the north that we’re still looking at snowfall amounts up over 10 inches. In some spots of New Jersey closer to New York City, you’re looking at over a foot.”


The wind will definitely figure into the mix. “We’ve already had wind gusts today in the 30-40 miles an hour range and that will continue,” Szatkowski said. “We’ll see some gusts up closer to 50 miles an hour closer to the coast.”

Things will settle down over the weekend, but Szatkowski says the calm will be short-lived because there may be additional storm systems headed our way. ‘There’s plenty of time to start worrying about those once we get through this one, but it is looking like there will be other storms that we’ll have to keep our eye on in the coming 7-10 days.

As he warned yesterday, coastal flooding throughout the state is a real concern.

“There’s one high tide coming up right around sunset this evening and we’re going to see a lot of widespread minor coastal flooding,” said Szatkowski. “There will be another high tide coming up around sunrise on Saturday and again we’re looking for another round of coastal flooding and we’re expecting it to be a little bit higher. That’ll be up into the moderate range. So two more rounds of high tides with a threat of coastal flooding and again there’s a lot of wave action on top of that.

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