Silva Will Continue To Speak Up For Middle Class

After losing the race for lieutenant governor, Vice President of SEIU 1199 Milly Silva told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that she will continue to speak out on behalf of middle class families in New Jersey.

“I was very clear that this was an opportunity to deliver a message about the working class and middle class families, which is really a continuation of my work for the last 20 years. So my view was that I needed to focus on the challenge at hand and disregard any of the critics,” Silva said about her campaign approach.

Silva said that you have to have a thick skin in politics and you can’t take anything personally. She said her main goal in the campaign was to make sure that she did everything possible to deliver the message of the Buono campaign. She was also happy to have worked with such a dedicated team and volunteers that worked tirelessly to deliver the message of what was needed in New Jersey.

Although Silva and Buono did not spend a lot of time together since they were both traveling to all the counties in New Jersey, they did get along when they were together Silva said.

“I believed that it was important that we have a credible fight. I went into this eyes wide open, understanding that it would be incredibly difficult to create the surge needed to move this election forward, but I’m a fighter. I worked as hard as I could to deliver the message we needed,” Silva said.

Silva said that Gov. Chris Christie is a tough campaigner and has branded himself in terms of who he wants to be.

When it comes to the difference in votes, Silva said, “I am confident that if we had the resources we needed, we would have been a tougher challenge in order for Gov. Christie to capture as much of the vote as he did.”

She said that she will continue to speak out on behalf of middle class families because they are still facing the same issues that they were before the election.

When asked if she would run again in the future, Silva said, “I think that I am a smart woman so I understand that it is important that I do the work, serving the members I represent at 1199. If there is an opportunity that presented itself where I saw the maximum opportunity to be able to speak out on behalf of the working class families, I would have to seriously consider that.”