‘Shop Marlboro’ Rewards Residents Who Support Local Economy with Tax Credits

By Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

Marlboro residents are taking a bite out of their property tax bills by eating at area restaurants and supporting other local businesses. It’s a new program called “Shop Marlboro.”

“We issue a debit card to our residents and they go out and spend money in local stores … and the merchants give a portion of their purchases as credit to their tax bill,” said Marlboro Township Mayor Jonathan Hornik. By offering this incentive to shop locally, the mayor believes it will help boost the local economy and create jobs.


The rewards program is being managed by Fincredit Incorporated. It’s a local company that provides customer service and a web portal where participants can view their credit amount. There is a fee for this service, 20 percent of the actual rebate.

Fincredit officials claim this is the first program of its kind in the nation. So far 30 businesses are participating and 800 people have signed up for the program. But if it turns out to be a success in Marlboro it’s likely other municipalities will offer similar programs.