Sept. 5, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Post-tropical storm Hermine came at us full of sound and fury and blew itself away just in time to salvage some of the Labor Day celebrations.

But not in time to help boost sales for shore businesses that rely on end of summer tourists to survive the long winter season.

A traditional Labor Day celebration for union workers. Some furloughed, some fighting for that $15 minimum wage the governor vetoed.

The governor’s pledge to expand mental health treatment may have an unintended effect — inadvertently pushing practitioners away from treating patients.

Got a head-scratcher? We’ve got a head lice lifter just in time for the start of school when those sticky pests are at their most pestilential.

And on the lookout for space junk? A cutting edge eye in the sky is scanning for shards of decomposing hardware that could doom a satellite with a single poke.