Seniors strut at Generations in Style fashion show

BY Leah Mishkin, Correspondent |

The models range in age from 60 to 89 years young. Backstage at the Generations in Style fashion show, the models are giving beauty secrets.

When asked about her beauty secret to looking young at 80, model Katherine Salimbene replied, “Active. Be always active and have always a goal to look forward to. Something ahead of you, always.”

The NJ Senior Citizens Council is a nonprofit that assists older adults and their caregivers, whether it’s with housing, transportation or health needs. The fashion show raises money for the organization in style, by showing everyone to dress their body, not their age.

“Our models are real people. They’re 5’1″, they’re 5’6″, they’re 5’11”. There’s something for everybody and they all look fabulous,” said Ellen Steinberg, chair of the NJ Senior Citizens Council.

The ladies sit around and wait before getting dressed. One lady commented to an assistant helping her “not to pull the collar too high” because she didn’t “want to get lipstick on it.”

As the ladies get their final touches, people start arriving. Four hundred people are ready to watch the sold out show at the Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield.

One model commented, “As you get older, you know, you think sometimes that you don’t do things like that, so it gives you an opportunity to continue.”

It’s one day for these ladies to feel like a queen.