Sen. Weinberg Says Wildstein Resignation Opens Up a Bigger Picture

Just days before a legislative hearing on the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge were to be held, Port Authority Director of Interstate Capital Projects David Wildstein submitted his resignation. Sen. Loretta Weinberg told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that Wildstein’s resignation is connected to the issue for which she has been demanding answers.

“Well certainly it’s connected to the issue about which we have been asking for answers — the issues of unexplained lane closures that took place just about three months ago in the borough of Fort Lee,” said Weinberg. “It is not the incident itself that has troubled me, although it has. It’s the bigger picture or bigger view that I’m getting, that if this kind of behavior is tolerated at the Port Authority, is it OK to use our infrastructure for some kind of petty political payback?”

Weinberg said that she does not believe Gov. Chris Christie made any call to the Port Authority asking for any lane closures or roads that the Port Authority controls.

Weinberg said that she finds the situation at the Port Authority troubling. If Wildstein had any involvement in the incident, Weinberg thinks it’s good that he handed in his resignation.

Port Authority Executive Director Patrick Foye and two others who have been subpoenaed are scheduled to appear before the Assembly Transportation Committee on Monday. Weinberg said she looks forward to hearing what took place during the lane closures and hopes to see it all end.