Sen. Weinberg Says Committee Will Look for Truth on GWB Closures

The investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane closures is continuing. Democratic Sen. Loretta Weinberg told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that she will be chairing a new committee investigating the issue.

“We’ll be looking for the truth, what happened, why did it happen and who authorized it,” said Weinberg. “I think those are all very big unanswered questions.”

Weinberg said that she had hoped that the Senate and the Assembly would continue with a joint committee to continue the GWB lane closure investigation. The Assembly will be putting together a new committee and Weinberg said that she worked well with Assemblyman John Wisniewski and hopes to work with him again in the future.

Plenty of questions still remain surrounding the lane closures, according to Weinberg. She said that her instincts tell her that it was not Bridget Kelly who came up with the idea of the closures.

“There are all kinds of speculative theories out there because nobody has told the whole truth here,” said Weinberg.

Weinberg said that both Kelly and Bill Stepien will be subpoenaed. She said it depends where the facts lead in the investigation if Gov. Chris Christie will be subpoenaed.

Weinberg said that she had a meeting with Christie’s Chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd in November regarding the lane closures. At the end of the meeting, Weinberg told O’Dowd to inform Christie that she would not back down on the issue. She also said that Christie has known about the GWB controversy since September because she also sent him a letter surrounding the lane closures — unless his staff decided to ignore it.

Both Weinberg and Sen. Raymond Lesniak have called upon the Bergen County Prosecutor to conduct a criminal probe.