Sen. Menendez Says Families are Struggling

From Eva’s Village, serving food this Thanksgiving, Senator Robert Menendez told NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams that many families in the state and struggling and need programs like SNAP.

The Alice Village director told Menendez that while Thanksgiving is a special day, they are constantly feeding the hungry at the kitchen and the director has not only seen growth of people coming in but an increasing number of women and children.

“We have rising food prices and you have one of the highest elements of rent cost in the nation. So when you add all of that together for a family that is struggling, the question for them is do I put food on the table or do I have a place to call home?” Menendez said.

Menendez said that he hopes that food stamps will not be cut any further. He voted to sustain them at a higher level but could not get that through congress, he said.

“You have rising demand and less money. That means along the line, from my perspective, someone may very well go hungry,” Menendez said.

“This budget battle that we are having in Washington is so important in really meaningful to many families in our state and in our country,” Menendez said.