Sen. Greenstein Says District 14 Campaign Has Been Negative

In her quest for reelection, Sen. Linda Greenstein (D-14) is running against former Sen. Peter Inverso. She told NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the race has been interesting, with both sides doing comparative and sometimes negative campaigning.

“Well I would have to say that we certainly have covered a broad range of issues,” said Greenstein. “Both sides are doing what I would call comparative or at least here and there some negative campaigning so I expected that to happen in this race and it certainly has happened. It’s an interesting race to say the least.”

Greenstein said she expected the campaigning to get negative due to the political climate and how the race for senator of District 14 happens to be one of the most competitive in the state. Throughout her campaign, Greenstein said that she is running a fact-based campaign and is comparing information.

When it comes to her opponent, Greenstein says that at times Inverso has not been comparing facts.

“Anyone who knows me, and luckily many people in the district do, know what I’m about,” said Greenstein. “I’m about organized labors, seniors, the middle class, making life better for ordinary people, carrying a strong sets of values, ethics, all of those kinds of things. Sometimes my opponent is attempting to paint me otherwise, bringing up obscure votes that don’t mean what he says they mean and all of this sort of thing.”

Greenstein also said that there is a lot of confusion among voters and that they don’t always know exactly what everything means. She said voters are getting misleading information.

The gubernatorial race will also be on the ballot in November. Greenstein said that she has tried to show in her district that she has been willing to work with the governor in a bipartisan manner. She said she has voted against the governor and also against other Democrats when she disagrees with them, however.

“I think that’s what makes me an independent person and I know that my constituents want that in their legislature,” said Greenstein. “I have always voted independently. I will vote against my own party when, if I think they’re wrong and I have done that on some major votes.”

Throughout the gubernatorial race between Christie and Democratic nominee Barbara Buono, Buono has made statements claiming Christie has presidential ambitions and that she wonders what a second term with Christie would be like. Greenstein said that Christie has been distracted by those ambitions and that he will start a presidential quest at some time.

“I’m sure he’s been distracted by those ambitions,” said Greenstein. “I’m sure that he will start to run for president at some point, he’s never really denied that. I think when she says she’s the only person who’s running for governor i.e. for the next many years, I think that’s true because I’m sure that he is looking ahead. It’s a tremendous opportunity for him and if somebody wants to make that available to him, I somewhat understand it I guess, but if you’re running for governor you really should intend to be governor.”