Sen. Gordon Unsure If He Will Run For Congress

After winning the District 38 election, Sen. Bob Gordon told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he is undecided right now if he will run for congress but is flattered to be mentioned for it.

This is Gordon’s tenth election and he said it was his most challenging. “We have the gov going up on network television spending a million dollars or more, making personal attacks against me. We were literally carpet bombed with mailings, probably 30 or more. Despite all that we won,” Gordon said.

Gordon said that he is always worried during an election and he worked harder than ever before in this election. Gordon had a 14-20 percent lead and during the campaign his running mates knocked on over 17,000 doors, 6,300 he knocked on personally.

After being asked if he will be able to work bipartisan after the way the election went Gordon said,”I have always taken great pride in being able to work with the other side, I’m proud to say that some of my closest friends in the senate are on the other side. It only makes me a more effective legislature because I have these relationships and we can work together. The election is over the governor did what he had to do, I understand that and I’m looking forward to working with the gov and my colleagues.”

As for running for congress, Gordon said that he would never say never and is very flattered to be mentioned.

“I’ve just come off a grueling campaign. A decision to do something like this has to involve personal and family issues. At some point I will start thinking about this and decide how I want to pursue the next year or two,” Gordon said.