Sen. Codey Says Political Forces Tried to Stop GWB Investigation

The controversy surrounding the George Washington Bridge lane closures in September has caused Gov. Chris Christie to fire a deputy chief of staff and Port Authority officials to resign. Sen. Richard Codey told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that there have been political forces that have tried to stop the investigation, but he does not think that will happen.

Codey said that he thinks the next step in the investigation is that the redactions on David Wildstein’s emails have to be clear, so officials can find out the names that he redacted and why. He said that Wildstein obviously felt it was sensitive so it needs to be found out who else was involved.

“I don’t know what else Wildstein may or may not have done and I think people wiser than me in the justice system have to make that determination. I would hope that they would talk to the Justice Department about that as well because that’s a very big step. At the very least we need to see these emails without any redactions so we can find out exactly who was in them and what they were saying and to who,” Codey said.

Codey said that he does not think that former Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly came up with the idea of closing lanes on the GWB by herself and it seems like there is a lot of interaction between the governor’s campaign staff and his governmental people. He said that at some point, that crosses the line because they are not supposed to be involved with each other. There was clearly a long time interaction on this particular issue between governmental officials and political officials of the governor, Codey said.

“I think at some point — long before the press conference — Christie knew and one of his initial press conferences where he made reference to, ‘Oh yeah I was moving the cones myself.’ In my opinion, that was done on purpose to try to get the press off the story,” Codey said.

There have been political forces that have tried to stop the investigation, Codey said. He said that he can’t prove it but he knows inside politics and there have been rumors about different people wanting this to stop.

“I have been told by the most legitimate of sources that there had been a move in the front and there may still be to kill this thing and that’s not going to happen,” Codey said.