Same-Sex Couples Prepare to Marry in New Jersey

By Senior Correspondent Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

Overjoyed. That’s how Cindy Meneghin and her longtime partner Maureen Kilian feel now that the high court has cleared the way for them to get married.

“We have an appointment to be at our Borough Hall first thing Monday morning at 8:30, so we’re going to do it as soon as we can Monday morning,” Kilian said.

“You can not imagine, nobody really can imagine how happy we’ll be, how safe we will feel. How ecstatic we will be you can not image, we can not express it, we really can’t. This is no little thing, it’s our lives, and it’s monumental to us,” Meneghin said.

Just hours after officiating a wedding ceremony today, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop ordered his clerk to start handing out marriage applications to gay couples. He says same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue.

“You’re going to see significant people applying here in Jersey City. We have biggest LGBT community in the state. We’re proud to have that. And we’re doing what we can to move forward as quickly as possible,” Fulop said.

But one stumbling block remains. Even though gay couples can marry starting Monday. the high court won’t make its final ruling on gay marriage until early next year, leaving couples like Maureen and Sindy a bit anxious.

“We need the politics to stop. We need the decision to be solid and say to us yes it’s the decision by Supreme Court seven years ago, yes it was upheld by Judge Jacobson, yes we are supposed to get a license, yes here is your license,” Meneghin said.

“A part of me though will want to really make sure this is it, that there’s nothing else they can do or say to make us wait again so once I know this is in the bag and that there’s nothing can keep it from us, then I’ll be ecstatic,” Kilian said.

Ecstatic not just for them, but for all gay couples in New Jersey who want to get married.