Risk Management Program at Rutgers Will Avoid Adverse Risks

Rutgers University has started a risk management program and Senior Vice President Ted Brown told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the program will be used to avoid adverse risks.

Brown said that he has a lot of help with the program from his staff, support of the president and board of governors, and the top administrators at the university. He is also confident that he will receive the support of the faculty, staff, and students at the university.

Not all risks want to be avoided by this program because not all risks are negative, Brown said. An example he used is the research that is done in the medical center. He said that they need to embrace certain risks to gain, such as to find medical discoveries.

The risks that want to be avoided are the adverse risks and those are types of risks that the enterprise risk management program will help Rutgers to avoid, Brown said.

“We encourage you to come to us when there are problems. We encourage teams to get together and communicate. What the program will do is help us anticipate and develop communication plans to communicate and manage these types of risks,” Brown said.

Brown said that Rutgers will comply with the Open Public Records Act.

“We will be visible and we will let players, students, faculty, and staff know that they can come to us. We will actively seek out different risks that we can identify,” Brown said.