No One Wins as Revel Folds

By Michael Hill

On labor Day 2014, a maintenance crew uses a sawt o remove the letters that make the Revel sign on the $2.4 billion bankruptcy-filing resort– minutes after guests checked out for the last time as the hotel as it closed for good.

A sad day as some workers seemed to mope about during a break, declining to talk.

But Revel cook Avi Sanchez sums it up.

“It’s sad, everybody’s sad. So when’s your last day at work? Today. What are you going to do after that? I have no idea,” said Sanchez.

As a pall set over this six million plus square foot resort, tourists strolled by, some snapped pictures, one requested to take home the “l” in revel as a souvenir to what she thinks of the resort.

“It’s absolutely breathtaking,” said Lucille Alexander.

Jayne Lord and Alexander – decked out in their custom Revel tee shirts and hats – say they visited revel twice a month.

“Why are we all reveled out here? To show support and how sad we are that the revel is closing,” said Lord.

“No other casino in other areas can offer this the boardwalk, the beach and you know. They’ll offer other things but not this and that’s what’s make AC and this hotel unique,” said Alexander.

Both say Revel has a great appeal to a younger generation but not theirs and the shops are too upscale and expensive and the lack of poker room hurt Revel as well.

Labor lawyer and romance author Regina Muccifori won a 25-words or less contest in the local paper five years ago prophesying “the future for jobs in the casino industry will be bright if the industry begins to offer more family-friendly entertainment and attractions.”

“There’s just too many other things AC can offer and I don’t think people have the money to just gamble. I thought it would be better to attract businesses and retail,” said Muccifori.

On Friday, Mayor Don Guardian mentioned by example a $50 million offer for Revel.

“It was rejected. There’s lives here. People need their jobs. It’s time to stop the silliness and get to taking care of people.,” said Cynthia Cortopassi.

Unless there’s a buyer, all of Revel – including the casino – will have shuttered by early Tuesday morning. So far this year, three casinos have shut down because of increased out of state competition– leaving thousands of workers jobless.