Republican Strategist Says GOP’s Searching for 2016 Presidential Candidate

Gov. Chris Christie went to Las Vegas to speak at the Republican Jewish Coalition and Republican Strategist and MWW Senior Vice President Steve Some told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the Republican Party is searching for a candidate that will win the 2016 presidential race.

“Christie was a star. I say that in a lot of ways. He so overshadowed the other governors that were there. His message was right on target and he spoke from the heart and he demonstrated again that he is a great leader and the crowd responded to him. They gave him three standing ovations,” said Some.

Christie used the term “occupied territory” referring to the West Bank and Some said that it was an unfortunate slip up and he does not believe that Christie really meant that. He said that a lot of phrases are thrown around in relation to Middle East diplomacy and he knows Christie, the people in that crowd knew Christie and Christie is a strong defender of Israel and he loved visiting and he talked about his experiences — about bringing his family, what it meant to him and you could see his strong strong devotion to the state of Israel.

Some said that most of the people that attended the conference really don’t know the ins and outs of what happened in New Jersey with the George Washington Bridge, they have just been following the story in the press. Some said that personally he does not think that the GWB controversy means a lot to folks outside of the state but nevertheless Christie still has a couple of investigations that are ongoing, and the issue is not totally behind him. He said that Christie took a big step over the weekend putting it behind him and the crowd reacted to that very well because they saw him as a governor that leads the state.

When asked about Sheldon Adelson’s attendance at the conference, Some said Adelson clearly demonstrated an interest in getting to know Christie better because he sat front and center when Christie spoke and Christie had a conversation with him.

“I would hope that Adelson would support Christie if he decides to take the step for president. Not only because of his position regarding Israel which is very important to Adelson but Adelson and all of the folks there want a candidate for president in 2016 who can win and they liked very much Christie’s message about bringing the Republican Party together, about what it takes to win elections. It is not a question of an audiological debating society. This is a political party, it is about winning elections and Christie gave a very strong message to folks there about how to win elections,” said Some.

As for the 2016 presidential election, Some said that if Christie decides to run for president of the United States he would be a very strong supporter,but he has to see what happens. He said that Jed Bush is a very formidable individual and he has been an excellent governor of Florida and would make a great president of the United States.

“This is so early right now. I think what you are seeing is that the core Republican Party, the leadership of the party is searching for a candidate. They want to have somebody who can win the election. They don’t want to have a candidate for president who’s got fatal flaws and problems, who has an ideology that is out of the mainstream of the country. They want a candidate who has great leadership experience, who has a vision for the country, who knows how to govern properly and what you see in Bush, as well as some of the other governors who are very successful who could also make very good presidents,” said Some.