Rep. Pallone Encourages New Jerseyans to Enroll as Part of Affordable Care Act

By Senior Correspondent Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

He co-authored the Affordable Care Act and today Congressman Frank Pallone touted the law’s benefits and encouraged New Jerseyans to enroll.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to get coverage for those who are uninsured, to get a good benefit package for many Americans who may have had insurance but had skeletal coverage, and also important affordable coverage,” Pallone said.

Key provisions of the law include an end preexisting condition exclusions for children, keeps young adults on their parents’ plan through age 26, requires 80 percent of the premium to be spent on health care and require no co-payment for preventive care. One way to enroll starting Oct. 1 is via an online marketplace or exchange. Subsidies will keep coverage affordable for 610,000 eligible New Jerseyans.

“We’re focusing on a few particular segments of the population that seem to have greater numbers of uninsured,” said Enroll America State Director Justine Ceserano.

Ceserano is leading the outreach effort in New Jersey.

“One of those groups would be the Latino communities. Another group would be the African-American population. And the third group is the young people and in particular, the males among those,” Ceserano said.

Medicaid expansion also begins Oct. 1. That’s when 395,000 more New Jerseyans will be eligible for coverage through the program for low income people.

Among the 1 million uninsured in New Jersey are some 200,000 children.

“There’s some things that we know about children whose parents have insurance. Once they have insurance, they start using the health care system. They start getting immunizations for their kids. They start going for those well baby visits,” said Children’s Specialized Hospital President Amy Mansue.

If you want coverage to begin in January, you have to enroll by Dec. 15.