Rep. Lance Hopes Job Creation Will be Discussed in State of the Union

Prior to President Obama’s State of the Union address, Congressman Leonard Lance told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he hopes that Obama discusses helping the private sector create jobs that America desperately needs.

Obama is expected to announce an increase in the federal minimum wage during his speech. Lance said that issue has already been decided in the Garden State.

“We have raised the minimum wage in New Jersey by operation of a ballot question, placing that in our state constitution and therefore I think that this is an issue that has been decided on in New Jersey,” Lance said.

Lance said that he would prefer if Obama would go to Congress for legislative approval for matters such as minimum wage because it is possible that he would have had it approved. Lance said that he would have considered it based on the fact that New Jersey already raised its minimum wage.

“I think that regarding young people in high school who may have a first-time job, there might be a wage differential but those over the age of 21, I can understand why there is a movement to increase the minimum wage. Certainly for those who are full-time and in the workforce as adults. I think that would be appropriate,” Lance said.

Lance hopes that as many people as possible in New Jersey either attend the State of the Union address, watch it on television or listen to it on the radio because he said it is an historic event.

“I think we have to work in a bipartisan capacity this year on helping the private sector create the jobs that America so desperately needs and I hope the president will be discussing that this evening,” Lance said.