Rep. Lance Wants Government Shutdown Over Quickly

The House of Representatives is working on passing some spending resolutions as Congressman Leonard Lance (R-7) told NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider. One at a time, the House has been working on all matters.

Within the past few days, the House has been working on areas of the Head Start program and funding 50 percent of a continuing resolution. The House has also worked on reopening national parks, as well as funding for the National Guard and others.

But the government shutdown still remains and Lance says that it’s an indication that the government is working toward ways to negotiate.

“This is an indication that we want to make sure that the government is funded and funded as quickly as possible,” said Lance. “And on the larger issue, I would hope that the United States Senate and the president would be willing to sit down to negotiate with the House of Representatives. That’s traditionally how government operates and I think that’s the way it should operate in this situation.”

As for a clean resolution, Lance supports a resolution that includes repealing the medical device tax.

Lance wants the government shutdown to be over as quickly as possible.

“I would hope that we’re able to resolve this issue by the end of the week and I want to resolve it as quickly as possible,” said Lance. “And let me say, we have to make sure that we pay all of our bills on time, that is the debt ceiling issue. And I think it’s time for the president and the Senate to negotiate with us so an agreement can be reached as soon as possible.”

With the debt ceiling limit deadline looming, Lance hopes the president is willing to sit down with the leaders of Congress in the House and the Senate to resolve the issue.

As for the environment in Congress during the shutdown, Lance describes it as similar to how the country currently feels.

“I believe Congress reflects the views of the American people and the American people are frustrated that we have not engaged together in negotiations to resolve the situation,” said Lance.