Rep. Lance Says Obama Needs to Address Heatlh Care Website Issues

Frustration over delays and bugs surrounding the Obamacare website have led to hearings with federal lawmakers. Today, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius apologized to lawmakers and said she was accountable for the issues. Congressman Leonard Lance told NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider that President Obama needs to tell the American people why they need new policies, when some are satisfied with the ones they have.

At the hearing, Sebelius said that the health care website has been a debacle. Lance agreed and said he hopes that it will be fully running sometime in November.

Lance said that he is concerned about the 800,000 people in New Jersey that are at risk of losing their old policies. The biggest question for him is if the new policies will be more expensive than the old ones that people have to give up.

“The president has said repeatedly both before the act was signed into law and since the act has become law, that if you are satisfied with your health care policy, you can keep it and obviously that is not accurate for many across the country, including many in New Jersey,” said Lance.

He said that he wants the website up and running as soon as possible but the substance of the policy goes beyond the website.

“I certainly think that the president should explain to the American people why if you are satisfied with your current health care policy, you can’t necessary keep you current policy,” Lance said.

Lance hopes that the president will come to the negotiating table and at least delay implementation for six months, since the website has been a debacle and because so many people in New Jersey are losing their policies and will have to subscribe to new policies, some of which will be more costly.