Rep. Lance Favors Reform of Affordable Care Act

Congressman Leonard Lance has been outspoken on the Affordable Care Act and he told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he favors a reform of the system.

Lance said that the health care website is doing better but it is not perfect yet. He said that at some point, the website will be correct but he thinks that the problems concerning the Affordable Care Act go beyond the technical issues of the website. He thinks that as a matter of public policy, a better job needs to be done and he favors another program.

“All of us in Washington favor reform of the system,” Lance said.

Lance said that he believed that the president’s statement, “If you liked your health care insurance policy, you could keep your health care insurance policy,” would prove not to be true and he was right, since many plans that do not meet Affordable Care Act standards have been dropped.

“From my perspective, if we are going to amend a law, it should be done statutorily,” Lance said.

As for the federal budget agreement, Lance said that he is proud that he voted for it. He said that nine out of 12 members of the House voted for it in New Jersey and he sees that as an example of moving forward in bipartisan cooperation.

When asked about the unemployment benefit loss, Lance said, “I think that we have to encourage those who are currently on unemployment benefits to secure employment. I know it is tough, but I certainly think that we should encourage that to the greatest extent possible.”

Lance said that he would look at any revised unemployment benefit proposal put forth by the United States Senate but he thinks that the House of Representatives has spoken on that issue in the budget document.