Red Light Cameras in Newark Net Millions

Newark is part of a five-year pilot program begun in 2008 that allows New Jersey municipalities to install red light cameras. The city has had cameras in place for two years and some say it has improved safety, but there are still those opposed to the practice who say the cameras are simply used to make money. NJToday’s David Cruz files this report from Newark.


The fine in New Jersey for running a red light is $85. Of that total, the state receives $11.50, Newark gets $39.50 and the camera vendor pockets $34. From January to October of this year, Newark issued 90,000 tickets, taking in more than $3 million. Proponents of the program say the cameras are working, citing an overall reduction in crashes by 74 percent and an 83 percent decrease in right angle crashes at one intersection. Newark will have its red light cameras installed for another three years, and it could be longer if the program gets extended.