Property Tax Relief Tops Municipalities’ 2012 Agenda

Bill Dressel, the Executive Director of the State League of Municipalities, says there are too many unknowns to forecast 2012 revenues for municipalities. First, holiday sales (which are still being determined) could be a significant factor in helping with property tax relief. Also key, according to Dressel, is the housing market, since property taxes are measured by home values.


Dressel says he’ll be watching closely at education reform in 2012, hoping the state will pick up more of the tab for New Jersey’s public schools. As it stands now, he says that towns pay for, on average, seventy percent of the costs of schools. What happens in Washington, DC, says Dressel, will determine billions in federal funding for state transportation, housing and police programs. When asked about sick payouts for public workers, Dressel urges the Governor and the state legislature to reach a political consensus to limit a practice he describes as “unacceptable in these economic times.”