Potential For More Snow On The Way

Despite the recent increase in temperatures, snow has returned and will continue to make its presence known throughout the state. Meteorologist for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Mount Holly Gary Szatkowski told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the snowstorm that hit the state starting this morning should be in its home stretch.

The heaviest amounts of snow could be between six and nine inches. Northern and central parts of New Jersey were the hardest hit by the storm, according to Szatkowski.

With the latest snowstorm coming to an end around the state, the potential for more snowfall is in the forecast.

“There’s more bad weather on the way,” said Szatkowski. “It’s obviously a winter that I think we’re going to remember for a while. Folks have already seen a number of storms come through.”

With another storm heading toward New Jersey, Szatkowski says that there is a chance for both ice and snow. There is a chance of icing, but there could also be an accumulation of six inches of snow with the next storm, he explained.

“We just took down the warnings and advisories for this storm,” Szatkowski said. “Winter storm watches are up again for portions of New Jersey and that’s for the next storm coming up which will be starting Tuesday night and going into Wednesday morning.”

Computer models are signaling the potential of a third snowstorm within a week, possibly for the weekend, according to Szatkowski. The possibilities of snowfall lean more toward Sunday, but Szatkowski says that the storm is still far away and that the forecast could change.