Point Pleasant Beach Looks to Crack Down on Late Night Serving of Alcohol

By Lauren Wanko

A proposed law in Point Pleasant Beach would have bars like Martell’s to close at midnight or pay a new fine to serve alcohol from midnight to 2 a.m. Mayor Vincent Barrella said last year, Point Pleasant Beach was forced to provide emergency spending for police services in response to a spike in misbehavior. Taxpayers shouldered the cost.

Establishments would be charged an annual fee of $60 per person based on the occupancy limits the borough allows for their businesses.

“The establishment has a choice,” said the mayor. “They can go based on maximum fire code occupancy or they can delineate those areas where alcohol will be served in those two hours and reduce their capacity which would be beneficial to the town to have fewer people pouring out.”

Marilou Halvorsen of Jenkinson’s Boardwalk thinks the proposed law specifically targets boardwalk bars. She said it is not financially feasible to pay the fee. Jenkinson’s occupancy is over 2,000.

“We did make a monetary offer to subsidize the quality of life issues that the residents of Point Pleasant Beach have brought up to us,” Halvorsen said. “At this point we made the offer and we never heard back. It was $140,000 between Jenkinson’s and Martell’s.”

The Mayor says nobody came to him directly about the offer. Both Jenkinson’s and Martell’s are planning to pursue legal action if the new law is enacted.